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Before you start dashing off an email to us, please consider a few things.


Much as we want to know your thoughts, your ideas and opinions, we simply don’t have the resources to respond to every email. That’s why we created our Facebook page, where you can share all your comments with other MixnSippers and where we check the buzz every day (promise).

For questions or remarks about another MixnSipper’s recipe you can use the comment box on the recipe page. When you do, the MixnSipper will be notified and have a chance to get back to you.

We don’t sell or recommend alcoholic beverages

There’s no denying we do enjoy a cocktail or two but Mix ‘n Sip does NOT sell alcohol nor do we make recommendations about any type or brand of alcohol to buy or where you might buy it.

Technical difficulties and other stuff

If you’re having technical problems with or have burning issues that cannot be resolved through any other means then of course you should contact us via the form below.

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