About Mix ‘n Sip

Are you a straight drinker? You know, bourbon on the rocks or plain cognac after dinner; no frills, no fuss. For years I was quite a purist myself. Why spoil good liquor with a bunch of extraneous ingredients?

Then shows like Mad Men came along and I was reminded of how much fun it used to be to swizzle elixirs while enjoying laughter and spirited conversation with friends. The time had come to expand my cocktail culture beyond the vodka martini with its lonely pimento-stuffed olive, and delve into the sultry sweet smoothness of a San Martin or the tropical depths of a Blue Hawaiian.

Before I knew it, I was into retro with a twist, taking basic martinis, mojitos and margaritas and transforming them with everyday kitchen spices and garden herbs and creating my own cocktail concoctions with simple ingredients and having so much fun. Fun that I wanted to share; ergo, MixnSip.com was born.

Here you’ll find a database of recipes to dip into, rate and review; how-to videos; articles with hints to help you concoct your own potions with pizzazz, and fellow mixed beverage aficionados with whom you can interact.

So mix ‘n sip your favorite tipple and let’s raise our glasses in a toast to Cocktail Culture for Everyone.™

Elizabeth Dodwell

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