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Dieting is never easy, and if you want to cut calories but still enjoy a cocktail or two it is just about impossible. At least until now.

The Skinny Jeans Cocktails book is a delightfully delicious collection of low calorie mixed drinks and marvelous illustrations. Our own Mix ‘n Sip host, Elizabeth Dodwell, shows you how to take old favorites like Sex on the Beach and Strawberry Daiquiri and create beautiful, guilt-free drinks  in a flash – and all under 150 calories.

And here, in her long-awaited first book, Elizabeth introduces delectable new creations like the Red Stiletto, Devil in a Blue Dress and the 102-calorie Skinny Apple Pie Mojito to help you put on a fabulous affair for friends or just unwind quietly by yourself.

Laced with Elizabeth’s signature blend of humor, Skinny Jeans Cocktails offers 50 minimum-fuss, maximum-flavor recipes that include important nutritional information – calories, carbs, sugar. And the book focuses on a fresh, more organic approach to drink mixing while not ignoring real-life considerations such as availability of products. In fact, there is a bonus chart that gives nutritional comparisons. So if, for instance, you prefer not to use honey, you can check the nutritional values of agave nectar, maple syrup and stevia and adjust the recipe accordingly.

What’s more, there are two additional recipes for 0-calorie simple syrup alternatives that you can easily make at home. One is made with natural stevia, the other with a sucralose sweetener.

And for those times that you want to enjoy a night on the town, Elizabeth guides you how to choose low calorie libations without having to settle for a wimpy, tasteless tipple.

The Skinny Jeans Cocktails book is available for $14.99 in paperback at (Create Space is part of the group of companies) or as a pdf download for $9.95 at The ebook version will be available soon.

So whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find luscious low calorie drinks recipes, served with a generous splash of creativity and liberally garnished with humor.

For a taste of what you’ll get, download these FREE Skinny recipe samples. Just add your first name and email address in the top right column.



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