Sherbet Shots: WAVE Drops

Sherbet Shots: WAVE Drops

Now there’s a really fun way to make Sherbet Shots with WAVE flavored vodka. I call them WAVE Drops. WAVE comes in a variety of flavors, all sweetened: Lemon Lime, Pink Lemonade, Grape, Whipped Cream, Baja and Blue Raspberry.

Pictured is Baja with Mango sherbet, but you can see Elizabeth make other variations here.

Here’s a hint: It can be a fun party idea to set up a sherbet shot bar. Set out a variety of flavored vodkas and sherbets and let your friends create their own combinations. Just take everyone’s car keys ahead of time – these things go down very easily.



  • 1 oz of your favorite flavored WAVE vodka
  • Your favorite flavored sherbet


  1. Using a melon-baller, drop a round of sherbet in a shot glass
  2. Fill the glass with flavored vodka
  3. There you go!

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