Tech N9ne KC Tea

Tech N9ne KC Tea

Here’s the KC Tea cocktail, made famous by rapper, Tech N9ne, and named for his home town of Kansas City. Mr. N9ne mixes Hennessy, Sprite and lemon for his libation.

Watch the video to see Elizabeth’s attempt at rap. Here are the lyrics to her tune:

I’m a dumb old British bitch so some of you say
Who prob’ly sits sipping hot tea every day.
But rapper Tech N9ne has his own way with tea
It’s a cocktail creation and he calls it KC

Hennessy, Sprite, a little lemon aid,
Mix it all up and the drink is made.
So I’ll follow the recipe as best I can
Because Mr. N9ne, you’re the man!



  • About two measures of Hennessy cognac
  • Sprite
  • Wedge of lemon


  1. In a big wine glass (or tall glass) filled with ice, add the Hennessy
  2. Top with Sprite
  3. Squeeze in a wedge of lemon
  4. Stir and get in the groove

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8 Responses to Tech N9ne KC Tea

  1. kenneth says:

    if your a true fan of tech n9ne you would know that he created caribou Lou which is made of 151 mallabu rum and pineaplle juice and he also created another drink called KC Tea made with hennesy sprit and lemon slices unless you don’t have any then just lemon lime juice

  2. cedvicious says:

    Burnnnnnn!!!! Hahaha

  3. Satan says:

    Exactly what Elizabeth said, this is NOT Caribou Lou, it’s KC Tea, Caribou Lou is 151, Malibu Rum, and pineapple juice, KC Tea is Hennesea, Sprite, and Lemon, if you got better than that you gotta make me see you …

  4. kelly plumb says:

    That is NOT how you make Caribou Lou, which is actually what its called, not KC Tea or whatever. Its “151 rum, pineapple juice and Malibu” rum.

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