Cocktail How To Spanking Your HerbsEvery breath we take is a sampling of our environment. The olfactory senses can warn us of danger, help us recognize people and places, evoke memories or excite our tastebuds. For many of us, that morning cup of joe isn’t just about the jolt of caffeine, but from the very first whiff of the brew we begin to come alive and anticipate that slight caustic burst of flavor on the back of the tongue, and the flow of warmth through our bodies as we swallow.

Well, aroma can do for cocktails what it does for coffee. And one of the easiest ways to add pep to your potion is by spanking herbs. Seriously!

You’ve all plucked a leaf of mint or thyme and rubbed it between your fingers to release the fragrance. Imagine what you can do for a cocktail. Just take a freshly washed sprig, lay it flat on the palm of one hand and give it a quick firm slap. That’s all there is to it! Then drop it in your drink and get sensual.

Do a taste test and try several different herbs in the same drink. You’ll be amazed at how a simple gin and tonic can be transformed with rosemary, mint or lavender.

Elizabeth shows you the fine art of spanking right here.


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