Life Is A Bitch – Have A Bitchin Martini

We’re darn proud. A while ago, Mix’n Sip won the Shedding the Bitch Martini Contest. In collaberation with Rayann Larsen of the Work Spot in Duluth, GA our own Elizabeth Dodwell concocted a winning combination of chocolate vodka, acai berry spirit, rosehips, lavender and champagne, called the Life Is A Bitchintini.

Life Is A BitchintiniJust so you know, the contest was all about creating a beverage that reflects the message in Bernadette Boas’ new book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, which encourages you to let go of your inner angst, ego and bitchiness and harness that energy to create riches both incorporeal as well as material. Bernadette is a powerhouse of inspiration. After 25 years in the corporate world and a pink slip, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and started all over again.

Mix ‘n Sip friend, Rayann Larsen, is the endlessly energetic, upbeat, fun, owner and operator of a co-working space in historic downtown Duluth, GA. She’s also damn smart and sometimes sassy, so if you’re smart enough to set up your computer at the Work Spot be assured you’ll get plenty of feedback on your business and have a good time.

Anyway, here’s how we introduced our entry, with a link to the drink and its benefits:

Picture this…

After 15 years of misery, you finally make it through menopause only to discover you’re now growing a mustache…

You’re starting to go bald and it’s not because you’re reaching the twilight years but because you keep running your hands through your hair in frustration…

25 years of working ans saving and you still have next to nothing to show for it. But the guy next door just filed bankruptcy for the third time and celebrated by getting himself a new Smart car…

Those little pills that are supposed to help you have the sex life of a thirty-something even though you’re several decades older just get stuck in your throat and give you a stiff neck…

12 months without work and you’re ready to sell your body to make a little extra cash. If only you could get paid on a per pound basis ‘cause you’re 75 lbs overweight!


SO… GET OVER IT! Harness that inner bitch and put the energy to work for you. You can laser that lip hair, graft the bald spots, start you own business and buy yourself a Mercedes. Your success will rejuvenate you so you drop the flan and your new nickname will be “Stud”. Start no… right now, with a…





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