Ghoulish, Ghastly and Delicious for Halloween

It’s that time again. Halloween. When the wacky alien invader or inflatable frog costume gets pulled from the closet, along with the vampire rising from his coffin and all the other spooky decorations. And it’s time to decide what wickedly wonderful treats and cocktails you should serve to make this the most memorable Halloween party ever.

To help you with your Halloween party ideas, here are some of our favorite and frightfully fun cocktails.

white spider cocktailWhite Spider

OK, this one takes a little effort but the effect is marvelous. So weave your web, drop a cherry in the bottom of the glass and it will appear as if some bloodthirsty arachnid has trapped its prey in your libation.

rummy wormsRummy Worms

It’s remarkable how gross something so simple can be. Here’s your basic rum and coke with a little dash of grenadine. Hang a few gummy worms over the edge of the glass and you have a mini version of alien spawn erupting from the womb of your glass.

Warts and All CocktailWarts and All

This is a new Mix ‘n Sip creation that looks insipidly pale and fleshy. Stir it up and you’ll find a bunch of witches’ “warts” lurking in the bottom.

bloody brainBloody Brain

There’s nothing like a little battered and bloody brain on Halloween to get the party really moving along. This shooter is an old favorite. Have a batch chilled and ready for your ghostly guests so you can gross them out as soon as they step through the door.

Vampire Kiss MartiniVampire Kiss

Another oldie but bloody. Best sipped with a set of vampire teeth.



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