Sherbet Shots

sherbet sorbet shotsOK, you all know what a jello shot (or jelly shot) is, where you make the jello by replacing a portion of the water with liquor and pour the mix in shot glasses.

Well, now there’s a new shooter on the block – the Sherbet Shot. Even easier to make, with just as many variations possible and every bit as much fun. Simply drop a ball of sherbet or sorbet in a shot glass, add the liquor and there you have it!

There are a couple of things to bear in mind. Keep your shot glasses and your liquor well chilled. Use a melon baller to scoop the sherbet and dip it in hot water before scooping so the sorbet doesn’t stick to it. And be aware that sorbet has no egg or cream in it (sherbet has a little), so it will begin to dissolve faster in the alcohol.

Consider setting up a sherbet shot bar at your next party. Offer a half-dozen sherbets and a half-dozen liquors so that guests can mix and match. Include some lower-alcohol fruit wines or even sake; make your own sherbets; have your friends each bring a bottle and some sherbet and see what combinations you end up with. Just be sure everyone checks in their car keys when they arrive in case anyone gets a little too inebriated to be behind the wheel.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shooting! To get you started, try some of these:

 Find out more in the video


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