It’s Just Another Mixology Monday

mixology monday cocktailsHere we go again, only this time with beer. The theme for July’s Mixology Monday is Beer Cocktails. This presents a bit of a challenge for me as I’m no beer drinker. Not that I wouldn’t like to be, but beer doesn’t like me. I’m allergic to both hops and brewers yeast.

None-the-less, it’s been on my mind of late to challenge myself and see what I might “brew” up. In my mind I’d been putting together flavors of your fairly basic lager (it’s the only cold one I’ve had in years) and chartreuse with a few other things. Of course, I see today that our illustrious host, Cocktail Virgin Slut, has had a similar idea. As I’m down to the wire to submit a recipe however, there’s no time to re-think, so I present to you for your scrutiny, the Being Yueng and Green beertail. (The name is a play on the title of an Edna St. Millay poem, by the way).



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