Mixology Monday Niche Spirits

Good grief. I can’t believe I missed the last couple (or three?) Mixology Monday events. This month the host is Filip at Adventures in Cocktails and the theme: Niche Spirits, which basically means anything other than vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey……

Usually I would create something new for this, but as I’m waaaay behind with only a day before the deadline, I’m going to submit something I came up with a while ago – the Elephant Jam.

Elephant Jam cocktail This sweetly simple concoction is comprised of Amarula cream liqueur, which as I’m sure you know is made from the fruit of the African Marula tree. To lighten the libation, I added sauvignon blanc (something crisp and fresh). A little apricot jam added more sweetness (I find the Amarula has an underlying hint of bitterness) and a silkier texture. Then a dash of nutmeg, just because.

Always a popular dessert drink at my home, I hope you enjoy the cocktail, too. See the Elephant Jam recipe here.




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