Father’s Day Gifts For The Drinking Man

alcoholCome on, it’s time to get a little more creative than giving dad the same old socks or tie. For the man who enjoys a drink now and then, there are so many great gifts to choose. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Beer of the Month Club. Every month pops will receive a selection of twelve full-sized bottles (commonly referred to as longnecks) of hand-crafted, specialty beers from independent, boutique breweries. Memberships begin at 3-months for $102 and go up to 12-months for $383. What every beer-drinking man will love.

Whiskey Disks. Not just for whiskey; if you haven’t heard about these, you’re missing the drink. These reusable soapstone disks are dishwasher safe, impart neither odor nor flavor and will chill dad’s favorite libation to a cool 50F without diluting it and they’re just $25. For a little bit more the folks at Whiskey Disks offer the stones with a pair of European-crafted crystal tumblers.

Classic Car Decanters. For the car buff these limited edition chrome decanters representing the radiators of famous makes of cars are fabulous. By Nicholas Brawer the models, consisting of Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Mercedes, Bentley & Jaguar SS100 are made to scale in original materials. They’re not for the financial faint of heart, however and will run you $500 – $5000.

Universal Remote Control Bottle Opener. OK, how many guys enjoy a bottle of beer while watching TV and keeping a death grip on the remote control? Well, now dad can have his control and never have to worry about looking for the bottle opener again, ’cause this baby has it built in. For $29.95 you can satisfy your man’s beer-craving and control issues.

Books. There are a kazillion options out there but if your dad gets a kick out of cocktail history then the best book to start with is Imbibe, by grand old cocktailian, David Wondrich (I probably shouldn’t have put old in there. I really mean to imply that Mr. Wondrich’s knowledge is extensive). The book offers about 100 classic cocktails and chronicles the life and times of Professor Jerry Thomas as a late 19th-century bartender extraordinaire. Just $16.29 from Amazon.

Magnetic Wine Clip. For the wine-loving father, this is simply a remarkable magnetic wine clip that, when attached to the neck of a bottle of wine, (especially reds) it accelerates aeration and improves the bouquet (according to the blurb). I can’t speak personally to the efficacy of this product from Sharper Image but, at $19.99, would make a fun gift that’s worth trying.

Black Crocodile Leather Flask. A flask is always a great gift and this one from eflasks is particularly stylish and sophisticated. Father will really impress his cohorts when he casually pulls this out on his next camping trip and it’s on sale for just $27. By the way, according to Ask Men, there is such a thing as flask etiquette.



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