Drinks for a Memorial Day Picnic

red white and blue cocktailYou’re probably planning a picnic for Memorial Day. Instead of the usual beer and margaritas get creative with your cocktails and make your party the one to remember. Just don’t forget, the day is really about commemorating U.S. citizens who died while in military service, so please take a little time to raise your glass in a toast to all our military personnel, past and present.

Red, White and Blue Mojito: Here’s a great way to salute the troops. 10 Cane rum with soda, blueberries and strawberries to represent the colors of the flag.

Beer Margarita: You CAN have your beer and margarita, too. In fact, you can have them together. Make up a big batch of this and sit back and enjoy the praise (and the drink, of course).

Sex in the Parking Lot: Here’s something sweet and juicy you can really enjoy on a warm day at the end of May. Just be sure to have plenty of ice to cool it down.

Skinny Watermelon Salsa: It’s seems to be somewhat mandatory that you have watermelon on Memorial Day, so why not spice it up a bit with a Salsa cocktail? And if you’re watching your weight (or hoping to watch it disappear), then this is for you with only 131 low calories per serving. It also goes great with barbecue. Pssst! There’s a Super Skinny version, too, with a mere 81 low calories.

Stars and Stripes: This will knock your guests’ Stars and Stripes off. With Lucid Absinthe, blueberry vodka and raspberry liqueur it’s sweet and strong, so make everyone hand over their car keys before you hand over a drink. And make life a little easy by mixing up the basic drink a day ahead, then just add the ginger ale and raspberry liqueur at the last minute.

Hop, Skip and Go Naked: This can really be fun at a picnic or barbecue….. A simple recipe combines beer, lemonade and vodka. Warning: Sip slowly over plenty of ice!

A toast to fallen comrades, taken from a Walter Winchell quote: “Never above us, Never below us, Always Beside us.”




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