Top 13 Cocktail Picks For Your Valentine

valentines day cocktailsUnlucky in love? Well 13 may just change your luck, because that’s how many cocktail ideas for Valentine’s Day that we have for you and one of them is sure to be a winner. So seal your love with a Kiss In The Dark or exchange Valentines Day presents with your First Love Champagne Cocktail or share the romance with Aphrodite’s Love Potion.

Saint Valentine: The truth behind the Valentine legend is murky, but who cares? Today we ritualize February 14th as a time to express love for our special someone. (Or, if you’re the Hallmark company, for every relative and friend in existence.) But assuming there’s only one true love in your life, then why not celebrate with the saint’s namesake cocktail.

Hot Pink Handgun: If you’re thinking this is the drink to share with your Valentine then you probably haven’t got past the lust stage yet. Still, try and wait ‘til you’ve had time to enjoy the beverage before you start shooting.

Cranberry Kiss: Forget about the same old cosmo. Spice it up a bit with a kiss of cranberry and rum.

First Love Champagne Cocktail: Awwh. You’ve never been in love before and for you it’s sweet and innocent. Then nothing but bubbles and sweet cherries will do to savor that feeling.

Seduction: So you need to work it. Candlelight, Barry White singing “You Sexy Thang” and the seductive power of this soft, scented, rosy champagne libation.

Kir Royale: Sometimes simple is best. Sparkling champagne with just a whisper of luscious raspberry. It says you’re sweet and uncomplicated but with an air o sophistication. 

Soul Kiss: You’ve just gotta set the scene for this cocktail with Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me”. The soul Kiss is a classic that will let your partner know that you’re a mature, cultured individual who appreciates the best in life and a lover.

Aphrodite’s Love Potion: Oh, dear. Obviously the object of your desire hasn’t the slightest sense of your ardor. Maybe it’s time to call on the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture and mix up a round of her namesake intoxicant. Hey, where do you think the word aphrodisiac comes from?

Rose cocktail: “Love is like a sweet flower, true love is like a sweet rose.” If that’s how you feel about your relationship how can you share anything other than a Rose Cocktail? It’s a perfect blending of sweet cherry and raspberry with a strong foundation of vermouth.

Kiss in the Dark: Your touch is feather light, the warmth of each others’ breath is a whisper on your cheeks. Softly your lips meet, then part as the kiss deepens into a crescendo of passion. That’s what can happen when you imbibe this adult beverage. Be sure you have the lights out, though and don’t forget to eat the cherry.

An Affair to Remember: Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in one of the most poignantly  romantic films ever made. This namesake cocktail is a promise of a bright and happy ending.

Maiden’s Prayer: I guess this could be for the maiden praying for a mate, or the man praying for a maiden. Either way, it’s a sweetheart of a sweet-tart drink.

Venus Envy: Take the name however you want, but this is one potent potion. Forget rhino horns, Spanish fly and oysters, Damiana Liqueur is a legendary aphrodisiac. Even the bottle, modeled after an Incan goddess, is so sexy you’ll want to stroke it. And we all know what tequila can do to you! Or am I just speaking for myself? Hmmm.


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