Cocktails For Your Super Bowl Party

super bowl xlvMaybe you’re hosting a party for fans of many teams, not just supporters of the Packers or Steelers, and you want to be politically football correct. Well, make up a bunch of these and you’ll please everyone.

1. Quarterback Sack Shot

The idea is to have one of these every time the opposition quarterback gets sacked. Of course, we hope it’s not as bloody as the shot looks, though maybe you feel differently.

2. Touchdown Cocktail

These will get you really pumped if your team keeps scoring.

3. Kicker Cocktail

This is our favorite and it really does have a kick. Might be wise to have it over ice and sip slowly to make it last.

And if you’re rooting for either of the playing teams, try one of our special Packers or Steelers cocktails.


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