How To Dress Up Your Christmas Cocktails

You dress yourself up for a holiday party. Why not do the same for your  adult beverages? Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas that will set the tone for a fun and festive time.

christmas cocktails

A simple skewer of cranberries topped with a sprig of thyme will add flair to any cocktail.

christmas cocktails

For just $1 a piece I found this terrific decorative piece that I attached to a highball glass by wrapping silver tinsel ribbon around it. Nothing had to be glued and it took all of two minutes to create a really spectacular look.

The decorations came in all colors and varieties of design so that you can even have different ones for each of your guests. At the end of the party, you can let your guest take their favor home, or set them aside to re-use for another year.

hot christmas cocktails

For hot chocolate or coffee drinks, you don’t need anything more than a pretty cup and saucer with a chocolate-covered candy cane for stirring.

christmas cocktails

Then there’s edible glitter (sometimes referred to as “cake sparkles”). This stuff is such fun. It comes in a variety of colors and will float in your drink without dissolving. Here I’ve added star-shaped gold glitter to mint schnapps.

The most well-known brand of glitter is Wilton and it’s easily found in most supermarkets and at stores that specialize in baking supplies.

christmas cocktails

This is as simple as it gets. Just drop your glass into a cloth gift pouch.

I’ve found these for as little as 50 cents a piece. At that price you can get as many as you need in colors to match your party theme and you won’t need to bother with coasters.

christmas cocktail decorations

Of course, you just can’t go wrong with a simple bow or a candy cane.

Tie a sweet, little ribbon round the stem of a wine glass or make a big bow on a highball. Candy canes can be used as stirrers or let them hang off the side of the glass.

christmas cocktail decorations For sweet drinks you can always use colored sugar rims. It’s easy to color the sugar; find out how here.

But whether it’s ribbons and bows, candy canes and sugar, or just colored glassware, you can throw a fancy, fuss-free party that will have your guests in the spirit in no time.


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