Dead Nazi Cocktail

Dead Nazi Cocktail

I don’t know why this combination of liqueurs constitutes a dead nazi but what the heck, just shoot it down.

Supposedly, this photo is from the SS Heimwehr Danzig Funeral/Festivities for Fallen SS Soldiers of the “Battle of Westerplatte”, 1939.



  • 1 shot Jagermeister
  • 1 shot Rumple Minze


Chill well over ice then strain into a shot glass.


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2 Responses to Dead Nazi Cocktail

  1. Tartan Trembler says:

    How old ist this recipe and who named it? In the mid90´s they offered a long drink with the same name in some east- german punk clubs, but the recipe was 4cl Jaegermeister, 150ml orange juice, 150ml apricot juice (peach juice works as well) and 3 or 4 ice cubes. They called it “dead Nazi” because of the brown colour. Try and enjoy!

    • I’ve no idea when this drink was created or how it got its name, except that it tastes unpleasantly like something that might have died. BTW, did you you know there’s a drink called the Tartan Trembler? Scotch, Angostura, Irn Bru and olive. Is that anything to do with you?

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