Gin Greyhound

Gin Greyhound

One gets a Gin Greyhound cocktail when adding grapefruit juice to the gin.



  • 1-1/2 oz Gin
  • Grapefruit juice


Pour over ice into highball glass. Stir


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2 Responses to Gin Greyhound

  1. Take heart, Shaun. My life’s experience has been rather similar. Happily, I now imbibe without restriction on ingredients BUT always in moderation.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shaun Hopkins says:

    Life has been an endless series of finding new concoctions to suit my taste… As an aspiring young pre-teen with Mickey Rourke-esque alcoholic ambitions, the drink of choice was simply pouring everything in your parents’ liquor cabinet into a single fowl concoction that was to be passed amongst the local teens to stay warm at night. Later on as a bartender, this drink came to be affectionately known as the “Bar Mat”. As testosterone subsided and slightly-less self-destructive tastes evolved, I found I shared my father’s penchant for single malt scotch. Though after an unfortunate teenage alcohol poisoning incident, I was incapable of even smelling whisky for the next decade. In my bingiest days, Gin and Tonic was my poison.

    Then marriage and kids happened, a series of catastrophic medical problems surfaced, and I spent a decade in pain management on heavy doses of opiates and unable to drink.

    Only in the past few months have I been able to drink, but I found that due to the kidney and liver damage brought about by decades of pain management, my body would reject alcohol as if it were strychnine. Thought I’d never be able to so much as enjoy a beer again without my body rejecting it….

    But just recently I started drinking Greyhounds (first with Vodka, now with my preferred Gin), and while I hardly wish to encourage ANYONE with health problems to drink against their doctor’s orders, For whatever inexplicable reason, I have been able to drink these grapefruit juice mixed drinks with virtually no ill effects…. Very glad to be over the opiate pain medication, but I was really worried I’d never be able to have a good night of social drinking with friends ever again…

    Not sure what the magic power of the grapefruit is here (or if my experiences are strictly a placebo effect), but I just wanted to share with anyone who may have found it hard to drink since recovering from a major medical issue and wishes they could still enjoy a night of moderation with friends….. And as always, moderation is KEY! But I really wish I discovered grapefruit-based high balls a few years ago.

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