• Low Calorie Grapefruit Margarita

    Low Calorie Grapefruit Margarita

    Here’s a low calorie version of Rachel Rae’s Grapefruit Margarita that comes from cookinlean.com. With a blend of fresh orange and low-cal grapefruit juice this frozen loses the calories but not the flavor. Delish! Ingredients 2 … Read More »

  • Boulevardier


    The Boulevardier is basically a whiskey negroni. Just substitute the gin for rye or bourbon. This recipe is from CHOW. Ingredients 1 ounce rye whiskey (or bourbon) 1 ounce Campari (Gran Glassico Bitter can also be used) 1 ounce … Read More »

  • Bob


    This martini was created for…. you guessed it….Bob. He’s Bob Sawyer, one of the guys at greendoginteractive.com and is largely responsible for creating this great website of ours. Bob enjoys scotch as well as sweet cocktails with a citrus … Read More »

  • Cognac Zoom

    Cognac Zoom

    Zoom into this little cognac cocktail. Popular in the 40s, Zooms are basically a mix of honey, cream and spirits. Add a little extra oomph with a dash of creme de menthe or creme de cacao. Here’s Elizabeth … Read More »

  • Chilli Pink

    Chilli Pink

    Fire in the hole!! Ingredients 5 cl (2 oz) Croft Pink 5 cl (2 oz) Vodka 3 strawberries 1 hot chilli Instructions Muddle strawberries and chilli then strain into shaker. Add Croft Pink, Vodka and ice then shake. … Read More »

  • Skinny Drinks

    • Stevia Syrup stevia syrup

      Stevia Syrup A staple for those who want to stay low-cal with their cocktails, stevia syrup is a simple and calorie-free alternative to sugar syrups. Ingredients 2 cups purified water 5 heaping tsps white stevia powder Instructions Add stevia to … Read More »

  • Mixnsip's Creations

    • Lavender Green Lavender Green cocktail

      Inspired by the need to use up a slightly over-ripe avocado and the last of a bottle of pineapple juice, this cocktail turned out to be somewhat fabulous! Read More »

  • Articles

    • Drinks for a Memorial Day Picnic red white and blue mojito cocktail

      You’re probably planning a picnic for Memorial Day. Instead of the usual beer and margaritas get creative with your cocktails and make your party the one to remember. Just don’t forget, the day is really about commemorating U.S. citizens who … Read More »

  • Cocktail How-To

    • How To Choose Drinks For Your Cocktail Party cocktail party

      There are three ways you can go when you throw a cocktail party. The Full Bar, where you’ll have a wide selection of booze, beer, wine and mixings. The Theme Bar, something like “Champagne Cocktails” or “Bloody Marys” that only … Read More »

  • Pirate Cocktails

    • Pyrat’s Sin pyrat's sin rum champagne cocktail

      Pyrat’s Sin From the Pyrat rum people. Is it a sin to drink rum with champagne? Everybody’s Favorite Pirate, Cap’n Carl Fismer might know. Watch him here or find him at cannonbeachtreasure.com. Ingredients 1/2 oz Pyrat rum 1/2 oz Grand … Read More »

  • Latest Cocktail

    • Watermelon Vodka Fresca Watermelon Vodka Fresca

      Watermelon Vodka Fresca Vodka and watermelon. An almost perfect summer combination. Add in a little fresh mint and a touch more sweetness and you’ll absolutely love this mixed drink. Ingredients are for a pitcher because you’ll want to share this … Read More »