• Quarantini


    Here’s something for when you’re stuck at home. And it might just help you feel better. 3 oz vodka or gin 1 oz ginger juice 1/4 inch fresh ginger root (for ginger juice) 2 tbsp honey (for ginger juice) 1/2 … Read More »

  • Crafting Gin

    Crafting Gin

    Make Your Own Gin You can make a simple version of gin at home without the effort of creating a mash and distilling, or anything at all complicated. Just steep a variety of botanicals in a base spirit with juniper … Read More »

  • Life Is A Bitchintini

    Life Is A Bitchintini

    Here it is. The winning drink in the Shedding the Bitch Martini Contest, created by our own Elizabeth Dodwell and Rayann Larsen of the Work Spot in Duluth, GA. The idea is to let go of … Read More »

  • Havana Moon Tea

    Havana Moon Tea

    Here’s a teatail to enjoy under a Havana Moon (or any moon for that matter) that is laced with lime, rum and a hint of mint. The ingredients given here are from the book, Atomic Cocktails, but … Read More »

  • Lifesaver


    The Lifesaver works every time! [five-star-rating] Ingredients 3/4 oz. Coconut Rum 3/4oz. Butterscotch Schnapps Instructions Pour over ice and stir